Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's Inside

Now that the Desktop is complete, it's time to fatten-up this Puppy with some applications. First up is MTpaint so that I can edit images such as screenshots. Next is xmms 1.2.10 base with the Media Tower skin added. Then I added acrobat reader 5.0 which works great. Time for my first remaster using Dougal's enchanced remaster script. Everything went well, so I thought. Then I deleted my pup-save file and booted up the 'puter. The remaster worked ok but I realized that acrobat reader was huge and not the size app that i wanted in RevPup. The only way to get rid of it was to start the process from scratch. The moral of the story; DON'T delete your save file until you are really sure that the remaster contains what you want in it.

So starting all over again went very quickly and I installed everything as before except with Xpdf, which is very small, in place of acrobat reader and it works quite well with pdf files. Xarchive was next up and is invaluable in opening zipped files. Gkrellm 2.1.28 was added next to keep track of what the machine is doing and it works very well with Xfce. The last thing to do, before my next remaster, was to edit the menu and add a couple of icons to it. Again 2.1.5CE was the source used. This remaster went well and the pup-save file stayed intact until I was certain that everything was to my liking.

Some eyecandy seemed to be in order. was the source and inspiration for the three wallpapers and the six extra themes that are included in the distro. Now the user has a good variety to choose from to make RevPup uniquely their own.

After using Google Docs for a while I decided that it was not feature rich enough; so I added the Textmaker wordprocessor and Planmaker Spreadsheet. They are much nicer and are fully compatiable with Microsoft Office files and only added about 6mb. more. Also I left MUT in RevPup and am using that instead of adding Pmount. Did another remaster and everything looks and works just great.

All that is left to do is to tweak it slightly,add one more wallpaper, and do one last remaster. Then RevPup Final will be created.

The next installment will be my thoughts on this journey and the Final iso size.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Desktop

Now that I have pretty much decided on which way RevPup is going, it's time to decide either on a window manager or a desktop environment. Ice is a window manager while xfce is a complete environment. So far I have been doing two builds at once. One with icewm and the other with xfce. Icewm, for me at least, is much more difficult to configure the way that I want it than xfce.

So I went with xfce full.pup. It installed very easily and was very straightforward to configure. First after installation, I went to the menu editor and hid each entry that was not in Revpup by simply checking the hide box. That way if I later decide to install any of those missing apps all I have to do is go in and uncheck the box so that it appears in the menu. When I was finished the menu was exactly the same as what was actually installed in the system.

Now for some eye-candy. is a great place to go to make xfce your own. Found a great looking wallpaper to download. Then I brought up the settings window and clicked on "desktop" and changed the wallpaper. Next I downloaded several themes and installed them in /user/share/themes. Went back to the settings window and under "user interface" the newly installed themes were waiting to be tested. After trying all of them I settled on three. Went back to the /user /share/themes folder, right clicked on the unwanted ones and deleted them. Next the panel needed to be larger. Settings window again was very handy. Went to "panel" and made it somewhat larger. The panel icons needed to be nicer, so I used 2.15 CE and saved some better looking icons to a thumb drive. Went back to RevPup and put them in the /user/share/midi-icons folder. Right clicked on the panel and replace all of the default icons and moved the settings and power-off buttons to the left side of the panel. This gave the panel a more of a uniform look.

So now I wanted to share my creation, so I started up mtpaint screen-capture. To my surprise nothing happened. After some searching, I discovered that even though it was in the ipup core, the scripts were missing. Again 2.15 CE was my source for the scripts. After copying them to the proper folders, I thought that I was all set. The menu editor needed a command and I had no idea what it was. After visiting the Puppy Forum I had the command and put it in the menu editor. Now when I clicked on the mtpaint screen-capture it actually worked.

Earlier today I posted a couple of screen shots of the RevPup desktop on the Puppy Forum. Check it out and see what you think.

Now that the desktop is all done it's time to install all of the apps that I want into RevPup which is where the next installment will take us.