Thursday, December 20, 2007

RevPup Conclusion

Creating RevPup has been quite the experience. I have learned more about Puppy and Linux in general than I would have otherwise. If you really want to learn Puppy, then this is the way to go.

RevPup ended up being 75megs in size, with a lot of apps. Being this small, a person could add more apps and the size would still be very manageable.

The only "bug", if you will, was a problem with xorg and Nviddia graphics cards. This was a problem with iPup and not the remaster. Xversa didn't work with the Xfce desktop. So if you have a older video card, like I do, then Xorg would not be a problem. After being told about this bug, I did another remaster and used the ice windowmanager which solved the problem. But I personally still prefer Xfce as a desktop environment.

Would I ever create another Puplet for myself? Absolutely . This to me is a very worthwhile, but an addictive hobby. Who knows, maybe I will even post it on this blog.

Thanks to all those who have read this blog and I hope that maybe you even learned something along the way or was inspired to try your hand at creating your very own Puplet.