Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here's The Plan

This is what I see for RevPup as an operating system. Definately want to keep it on the small side but still have what I want or need for apps. Also I want it to run on older hardware. This is why I chose ipup 0.1 as a base; weighing in at only 60 megs. and has the basic resources that I need to build upon. When it's all complete I hope to have it below 90 megs, but absolutly not over 100 megs., so it will be able to load totally into a machine with 256 megs of ram.

The desktop environment will probably be xfce base which is only about 1.2 megs. The reason for this is that it is much easier for me to configure than the ice window manager, even though it is the popular choice of a lot of the Forum members. I also plan on doing at least one nice theme,maybe two, for this via and some imagination.

For applications I will use some or all of the following: xarchive, xmms base 1.2.10, xmms skins, gkrealm 2.1.28( if it plays nice with xfce), acrobat reader 5.0, the newer Pmount in place of Mut to give better disk information, and mtpaint. Also if there is still room, using the 90 meg cap, some xcfe plugins & docs and a few more apps that I may need.

The following will not be in RevPup: dail-up software; as I use broadband cable internet, an office suite; have a Google docs account that I use, DVD player; don't watch movies on a computer, an extra email client; do my emails through the browser, CD ripper software; already have an Mp3 collection, and partioning software; I'll use 2.1.5 CE for that.

These are my tentative plans for RevPup. The build machine, which I recently aquired, is a PIII 700mzh CPU with 500megs of ram, a CDrom and 2 front USB 1.0 ports. I am running ipup 0.1 as a live CD while using a 1 gig thumbdrive with my build apps on it and a 512 meg thumbdrive totally used for the pup_save file. When I have some of the apps installed, I will then remaster the CD and create RevPup. If everything is to my liking, then I will delete the tumbdrive and start the process all over agian until RevPup is complete.

Well, thats the plan for RevPup. Hopefully everything will work out the way that I planned. Any comments will be welcomed.

The next installment will be the Desktop environment. lj51.

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